After our management attended an International Movers Conference in New Orleans in October and another in Jacksonville Florida in November, it was time for a major rate filing in January requiring extensive travels by our management throughout the U.S.   In spite of today’s ease of global communications, it is of the utmost importance to establish personal relations with our partners overseas.  The face to face meetings tell much more about a person’s character and dependability than e-mail correspondence could ever facilitate.   Over the years, and by attending international meetings, our personnel has established close relationships with highly qualified worldwide movers.  Some of these have developed into personal friendships that we can depend on.  In addition to the expertise and attitude of our own employees, it is this closely knit network of colleagues around the world that allows us to provide the quality of service which our customers deserve and expect.
Next on the schedule is the International Mobility Conference (IMC) taking place in Penang Malaysia at the end of February.  Woody Zobel and Imke Kleine will represent E.T.S.A.  This is a welcome opportunity for them to meet our friends in the Far East, to confirm and expand our mutual cooperation to the benefit of our customers. Our General Manager, Mr. Martin Sommer will attend the LACMA Conference in Puerto Vallata, Mexico end of April where he will meet with our colleagues from Latin America. Last not least, and closing the conference circuit, is the Euromovers Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in May. This conference will be attended by Martin Sommer, Imke Kleine and Jörn Prieser.  We remind anyone interested to feel free to contact us for any desired meetings at these conferences.
The above represents a substantial amount of traveling by our management. Their input from the conferences is important when implementing policies and relationships resulting from their travels. Often the work doesn’t end after a trip is over, but is only the beginning of the adoption of new or revised procedures.
Come back next month for a synopsis of the meeting in Penang, Malaysia!