It was with great pleasure that Imke Kleine and Woody Zobel represented E.T.S.A.  at the IMC 2017 Conference in Penang, Malaysia.
The IMC organization, of which E.T.S.A. is proud to be a member,  is not only made up of many reputable movers from around the world, its conferences generally held  in Asia are a valuable opportunity to also meet with numerous Asian movers.  With over 170 attendees this year, it was just large enough to represent almost every Asian country, but still small enough to allow a face to face meeting with everyone.
The one2one meeting concept which the organizers established,  is ideal for bringing people together without having to go through a complicated appointment process. Every registered attendee can pick his meeting partner from a computer list and for the period of ½ hour the time and table number is booked by the one2one software automatically.  This allowed a maximum usage of our time during the three day one2one meeting time frame.  The learning process sets in the moment the meetings begin.  Whether it is questions on the number of vehicles, packers, warehouse space or customs procedures in the colleagues homeland, nothing remains unanswered.  Some of the discussions even turn to politics, or piracy on the high seas in the various parts of the world.  If it can have an effect on our handling of household goods, then it’s important enough to discuss. Not surprising, the common denominator of the delegates to the conference is that each and every one has their customer’s interests at heart.   This makes the communication easy and at the same time productive.
In accordance  with our Corporate Social Responsibility,  and through contributions of the members,  IMC was able to support a local grammar school by providing a badly needed playground for the children.  They in turn rewarded the delegates with a folklore dance presentation  representative of the primarily Malay, Chinese and Indian population. The smiles on the children’s faces were contagious and more than enough reward to the delegates.
Needless to say, Imke Kleine and Woody Zobel were able to confirm existing contacts and establish new ones for the long term benefit of our valued customers.