Who would ever have thought that the practice of Speed Dating would enter the world of International Movers and become a valuable part of International Movers conferences.
The International Mobility Alliance conference 2018, which took place in Bangkok 28 February to 03 March 2018, organized three days of Speed Dating for the over 150 attendees. It was a perfectly organized procedure, with the dates and times, table numbers and the meeting partners names all listed in advance in a personal schedule. Picking and choosing the meeting partners for ½ hour sessions in advance enabled each participant to meet with up to 12 representatives from International Movers on a particular day. During the pre-set schedule of 2 ½ days it was therefore possible to meet with 30 delegates. The lunch and coffee breaks also afforded additional meeting opportunities.
E.T.S.A was represented by our Agency Relations representatives Imke Kleine and Woody Zobel, who between them managed to meet with over 50 delegates during this process of Partner4Partner meetings.
In addition to the process of organized meetings, E.T.S.A. had the opportunity of hosting breakfast meetings on the subject of ocean freights and applicable laws and regulations. Judging by the attendance at these round table discussions, in spite of the early hour of 07.00am on two days of the conference, the subject presented by Woody Zobel was of great interest to many delegates.
New contacts were established and existing ones were confirmed. Our own delegates were again re-assured of our excellent international reputation for quality, dependability and fair business practices.
The professional organization by Patricia Jade Ooi and her IMA staff of this conference made it a valuable experience for all delegates and certainly an incentive to look forward to and plan on attending next year’s IMA Conference.