General Manager Martin Sommer and Agency Relations Manager Woody Zobel have just returned from a tour of the Unites States.  The purpose of this two week tour was to visit major military and commercial household goods customers.  Their trip took them almost to the four corners of the United States, with stops in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Indianapolis, Louisville, Saint Louis and Pittsburgh.
It was encouraging to note that they were welcomed wherever they visited and were able to answer questions, discuss costs or solicit suggestions on how to improve the quality of the ETSA service.
Representing U.S. moving companies in Europe involves complying with their policies, national and  international laws and regulations in order to protect their interests as well as those of the moving customer.  E.T.S.A. has safeguards in place to guarantee just that.  It is extremely gratifying to visit our clients and receive the confirmation that we are respected for our quality, dependability and our refusal to compromise our business ethics.
“Personal visits to our clients are an inherent part of our company tradition of meeting the people we deal with face to face.  It makes us more effective in our daily correspondence.  
The privilege to share first-hand information about our customers’ needs also gives us a better understanding of what is expected of us. We appreciate being back in our offices in Germany, able to implement with our team what we have learned during our trip and look forward to a bright and successful 2016.” says Woody Zobel.