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The 2015 annual Atlas Conference took place from 11/10 through 11/13 in Tucson Arizona, U.S.A., with the motto of “Blazing New Places”.

The conference was attended by Marti n Sommer and Woody Zobel who were proud to accept the “Service Provider of the Year Award” for Military International Relocations.  E.T.S.A.has been recognized repeatedly by Atlas International for outstanding service to the moving customers. This honor is again acknowledgement of our efforts to provide dependable and high quality service to our colleagues serving the US Military as well as the commercial community. 

The conference took place in Tucson Arizona, and our representatives were able to enjoy the pleasant climate, when not attending one of the numerous very informative workshops.   There were many exhibitors offering the latest in materials and services available to moving companies.

The attendance of a substantial number of international movers made it possible to renew, confirm and enhance our already extensive international network.

It is always rewarding to confer with our partners from overseas and these conferences are a welcome source of information, new contacts, and recognition for high standards of service, to ultimately benefit our customers.